The journey of Pure Liberty Manufacturing began in February 2005 by importing stainless steel sinks. Starting when I was a frugal 14 year old kid, I had saved most of what I made working for my grandfathers residential building company And at 19 years old I had saved enough to import my first half container of stainless steel sinks

When you decide to start your own business from the ground up there is no “How to Guide” or “model” in place. You learn as you grow and 13 years later we have been blessed with a very unique journey. Our business has evolved over the years starting out as a residential sink supplier and progressing into other industries such as RV & commercial. We knew we wanted to make a difference, a difference that would impact beyond our family, so in July 2010 we started meeting with a family friend looking to see what it would take to produce stainless steel sinks here in the United States, made with US materials and create as many jobs as we can.

After several years of research, in 2014 we set the plan in motion by building a brand new manufacturing facility in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. In 2017 we started bulk producing our very own stainless steel sinks made right here from start to finish in Michigan. We put an abundance of time, care and pride into each sink that leaves our dock. To say our journey has been a walk in the park would be a fabrication of the truth, but over the years it has allowed us to meet a lot of great people. People that share the same core and family values as we do, honesty, trust, loyalty, combined with unwavering ethical and moral standards. Being not only a small business owner, but more importantly a parent and a US Citizen, it is our responsibility to leave this country better than we found it. If we all do a little bit, together can make a very impactful difference for future generations.

Not only are we striving to create quality jobs locally but by supporting other US businesses in the process we can continue to promote manufacturing in the United States. Making our stainless steel sinks with stainless steel manufactured in the United States and utilizing packaging supplies manufactured in Monroe Michigan. We strive to lead by example and push for improvement. Here at Pure Liberty Manufacturing we continue to remain fluid everyday so we are able to provide a better company, better products, and service to our customers. Always learning, growing, and working hard we can improve our Country together.

We are able to start by showing our dedication to our community, to our State, and to our Country. It starts local. We look forward to the future, and growing with our customers & vendors! We pride ourselves, not only on our product, but our relationships. Quality product gets you in the door but commitment to relationships, with employees, customers, vendors and others in the industry, keeps you there. When you purchase a stainless steel sink from Pure Liberty Manufacturing, you will know that you assisted in making sure jobs stay between our borders!